Saturday, March 26, 2011

I heart faces - slice of life

Our boys have spent a great deal of their spring break playing foosball on this table.  My husband actually chose it at a white elephant party (where people bring used "junk" and give as gifts - is this a Minnesota thing??).  Anyway, we've stored it for years and brought it out at just the right time!  Truth be told, my husband and I have also played a lot of games - it's really fun and a slice of our life from this past week.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Johan's Bear Story

Johan wrote this bear story at preschool.  The teacher wrote it down and the kids love it when I read it.  They find it hilarious!  :)  We took a few photos today to complete the story.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kieran's - a tradition

We headed out to Kieran's Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day with our good friends, Jon and Jenny.  We faced the crowds at Kieran's again this year in order to hear some Irish music and enjoy the festive atmosphere with friends.  Somehow, we always manage to find a table and eat fish and chips!  We are thankful for these fun friends!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Kiddos

I tried to take a few pictures of all three kids on St. Patrick's day.  It is so tough to get them all to look at them same time, but oh well!  It sure was lovely to be walking around with green shirts and no jackets!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Math matters!!!

We were in the van on the way home from church last Sunday and Gus asked us, "Why does it matter if I learn math?"  What??!?  Kip stopped the car (not really), but we did look at each other amazed that our son who is in Kindergarten is asking the question we have both heard from so many high school students over the years.  We immediately chimed in with our arsenal of answers as to why math is so important.  If the conversation were recorded, I'm sure you would all be laughing.  At some point, Gus won't ask us anymore because he won't want to deal with long-winded answers from a couple of math geeks!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Anja's 1st Haircut

Anja, Johan and I headed to Kid's Hair last week for Anja's very first haircut.  Anja did great!  She happily sat in the chair, got her hair wet, and let the hairstylist brush, cut, dry, and even curl her hair!  She looked absolutely adorable with curly locks.  Of course, I was happily snapping pictures of the entire event.  Unfortunately, a few days later I deleted every picture on my memory card thinking I had already downloaded the photos from this event.  What a bummer!  We might just need to document Anja's 2nd haircut! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Two Front Teeth

After quite some time (maybe a month) of having one top tooth in the middle of his mouth, Gus finally lost the second top tooth.  He really didn't give me much time to get a picture without his front teeth since his grown-up teeth are already coming in!  Here's the best one that I have of his missing teeth.  He's growing up so quickly!  :)

Papa's 70th at the Depot

We celebrated my dad's 70th birthday downtown at the Depot.  We all got to enjoy some swimming and a fun night away from home!  The kids LOVED the swimming and were thoroughly tired by the end of the night.  In fact, after swimming the following morning, Anja and Johan fell asleep on the 10 minute car ride home!  It was a great way to be together as a family and celebrate Papa!  Thank you, Papa and MorMor for a fun weekend!

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