Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anja's 18 (almost 19) month stats

We went to the doctor today for Anja's well check.  She's very healthy and she continues to grow and learn new things each day.  Her favorite words are Mama, Daddy, Gus, Ruby (friend), baby, baa (for her stuffed sheep), Mor Mor, Papa, Gramma, Grampa, teddy, cup, and don't forget - Noooo!  Notice that "Johan" is not on the list - I think it is just a really hard word for her to say.  Anja's hair is getting longer and is usually messy.  The back gets quite snarled and her bangs are often in her eyes (barrettes and binders get pulled out).  Anja continues to be a very happy and outgoing gal.  She is always happy to put on her jacket and boots and head out to some activity.  Here are the stats:
24-1/2 pounds
32 inches tall 


sarahclswanson February 21, 2010 at 1:08 AM  

Yeah, Anja! I love her photo! She is such a happy little girl! It is fun to see her smile. I love it that she'll come right to me and want to sit in my lap for church or a book or something. Love the photo - her blue eyes just sparkle.

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