Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fireman Matt

We visited our local fire station on 38th street and 4th avenue (Station 17). Our tour guide, Fireman Matt, gave us a very informative tour. The kids really enjoyed seeing everything and getting to climb into the fire truck at the end.

Fireman Matt gave us a few great reminders that I will share below:

  • Be sure to check your smoke detectors and make sure your kids know what they sound like and what to do if they hear it.
  • Have a designated meeting spot outside of your house in case of fire or other emergency
  • Teach your kids to call "911" in an emergency
Fireman Matt also put on all his gear and wanted the kids to understand that he wasn't scary even while wearing his mask and other gear. Thanks to my friend Tami for setting up the tour! See her pictures and videos (i.e. Johan stressing about the "practice" sirens) of the day here.


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