Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anja is ONE!

(photos by Sarah Swanson)

A year ago this evening, I was in the hospital holding my new baby girl! It was such a surprise to have a girl and I have really tried to savor each baby stage. Anja is a joy to be around. We often hear from others that she is the happiest baby. She smiles a bunch and really likes to be around people.

Anja is a busy crawler and loves to follow her brothers around when they play. They sometimes call her "the Monster" because she tries to destroy their "projects." At the same time, I hear the boys saying, "I love you, Anja Patricia" and giving her lots of hugs. They adore their baby sister.

I am really enjoying watching Anja's personality start to come out more and more. She is a very sweet girl. Happy Birthday, Anja P!


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